Our Glimpse In Time is a site that creates a space for encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. It is a community dedicated to those individuals who feel lost, insecure, or  need a little motivation to navigate the ins and outs of every day life.

If you are an individual who wants to live a purposeful life, loves relatable advice, craves connection, and enjoys honest, and vulnerable stories you came to the right place!

By joining the OGIT community, you will find posts that contain glimpses into my life as a young adult and recent college graduate. Ultimately, my goal is to use my stories to encourage, motivate and inspire others to become all that they are meant to be.

My purpose of this blog is to reach individuals who, like myself, are trying to “figure life out.” The name, Our Glimpse in Time,  indicates that each one of us are here on this planet  for a select amount of time and then we are gone. During this time here on Earth, it is what we do that matters the most. How do you want to leave an impact on this big ole’ world of ours?

I, Lindsay, the author of this blog, strive to become everything that I possibly can be while attempting to make a positive impact on others along the way. I created this little corner of the internet to do just that. I figured if I could share my struggles, my insecurities, and my stories with the world I could possibly inspire others to do the same and tell their story unapologetically.

This blog is a glimpse into my life as a recent college graduate entering the real world, a Division II collegiate athlete, a sorority girl, an aspiring teacher, and so much more. Join me on MY glimpse in time as we create OUR glimpse in history.

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