Inspiration from a Clock

I sit here slumped on my couch staring blankly at my round, black clock that hangs ever so precise above my bed. This circular device is an analog clock that makes the most obnoxious noise. Every time the second-hand moves it creates this tick, tick, ticking noise. There is nothing on my mind, no important thoughts of what I should be doing with my day, no chores, or to do lists. Just the echoing of the tick, tick, tick, as the long thin black, hand moves from one number to the next.

I have a love hate relationship with that ticking noise. The ticking nags me, like a mother nagging her children to do their chores.  It pokes and prods every thought of mine, reminding me that I should do something productive with my time.

I should probably be grazing my fingertips over the buttons on my keyboard to write a “thoughtful” response based off of the poems I read by Phillis Wheatley in my African American Literature class.

Or maybe I should crack open my theories of personality textbook and start reading page one because…well …quite frankly I’m a little behind in my reading already in that class (oops-sorry mom).

Honestly, I should probably get up, make myself some food, start my laundry that has been backing up for more than a week now, make my bed, and start jotting down all the things that I need to complete before the sun goes down.

BUT, instead, I sit here still as a rock staring blankly at my clock, as the ticking noises continue to echo throughout my room, and my thoughts.

TIME, such an interesting concept, don’t you think?

I mean common, you can’t tell me that you never wished you could freeze time just for a moment so you could relax, take a breather and put a stop to your to do lists, busy, and bad days?

How about wishing you could go back in time to stop yourself from doing that one thing that you regret doing or saying so your current situation would look different, and better than what it is?

Or wishing you could fast forward to the future to skip all the pain, hurt, and stresses of today, moving to a better day, a happier day?

Yeah I’ve wished it too, don’t worry. We all have.

I think what I have come to realize about this concept of time is that no matter how much we wish we can change it we can’t. I cannot just wish that my past situations would change so that today’s circumstances would be different. I cannot stop the clock so I can just sit here and dwell in my own misery and sadness.

I have to stand and deal with my present circumstances.

I have to face the problems of today head on with honesty, integrity, and effort.

I think that’s why the second-hand keeps ticking, to remind us that life goes on no matter what situation  a person may face.

Each of us has our own set of time, responsibilities, activities, and feelings that we uphold. For me, today may be a terrible day, but for you reader, it might be a great day, filled with excitement and joy

Regardless, in the big scheme of things it’s imperative to set aside the time, and effort for the activities, and people who matter the most to us.

So readers, with that,  I am going to get up, put my big girl pants on, and face my daily dreaded activities, circumstances, and feelings head on.  Heck maybe I’ll not only do my laundry but I’ll actually fold it and put it away this time while also calling my mom to thank her for everything she has done for me.

I hope you too face today head on and accomplish all that you set out to do despite the daily draining activities of life.

Like I tell one of my good friends, it is not a bad life, just a bad day.

God bless,

L. Blum


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